I like my guns and, no, you can’t have them!

Generally speaking, I’m a pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow kinda guy.

I’m also relatively understanding of people’s points of view that differ from my own. My years spent in the world of journalism have taught me that there are always two sides to every story and each person believes their side is the correct side. In most instances, each person can make a legitimate case for their point of view – no one side is more valid than the other.

But, man, there are some issues where I vehemently disagree with the opposing way of thinking and personally believe those on the other side simply have no leg to stand on. The right to bear arms is one issue where I fail to see any legitimacy in the argument of those who oppose the 2nd Amendment.

People are inherently afraid of things they don’t understand or are not used to. Our natural instinct is to attack this “odd” thing or idea. There are myriad of examples of this fear of the unknown or the different throughout human history. Bill Ted Socrates 2

A 500-man jury decided to kill Socrates because he had thoughts about gods, souls, the sun and moon that differed from the status quo of the majority of Athenians in 400 B.C.E.

Sixty years ago, a black couldn’t buy dinner at many restaurants or drink out of the same water fountain or use the same bathroom as a white man in most Southern states.

And two years ago, a gay person couldn’t marry his or her partner in our country (granted there are still states that don’t recognize gay marriage, but federally, it is legal).

I understand there are many differences between So-Crates (Bill and Ted, anyone? Anyone?), the civil rights of blacks and gays, and our 2nd Amendment rights. The key difference, which also links all three, is Socrates’ beliefs and ideas and the civil rights for the aforementioned had to be fought for – Americans have always had the right to bear arms.

Just to be clear, I understand we technically fought for the right to bear arms along with the right not to be taxed without representation and every other issue our forefathers outlined in the Declaration of Independence. I’m talking about post Revolutionary War and post ratification of our Constitution. From that time right up to today, all Americans have had the right to own guns – minus felons, the mentally unstable and so on and so forth.

It seems as though, now, we who are particularly fond of the 2nd Amendment are finding ourselves having to fight as hard to keep that right as Plato did to keep the teachings of Socrates alive, as blacks did to ride in the front of a bus, and as gays did to be able to marry the one they love.

Unfortunately, many of the states that were leaders in legalizing gay marriage are the same states that are spearheading the push to eventually make us a gun-free society (see Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and California). People such as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, California Senator Dianne Feinstein as well as VP Biden and President Obama have taken a horrific tragedy – the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Conn. – and turned it into a political platform, which is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever seen a politician do.

But we all knew Obama wanted to take our guns from us well before Sandy Hook; it didn’t surprise those of us who were paying attention. Obama, Bloomberg, et al tried, in the year that followed Sandy Hook, to re-institute an “assault weapons” ban, which is absolutely laughable. The only things that makes a rifle an “assault rifle” are a few cool-looking add-ons. It’s a complete lack of understanding of what the fuck he’s talking about.

Once it became clear most of the country didn’t side with him on all these weapon restrictions, Obama had John Kerry go and sign some joke of a UN treaty that would essentially give him the international right to take our guns (check out this guy’s blog about it).

Yes, I am wearing a No-Mah jersey. And yes, it was 2004.

Yes, I am wearing a No-Mah jersey. And yes, it was 2004.

I find it funny that people like Feinstein and Biden, who don’t know the first thing about guns, are the ones trying to ban them. Having these people spearhead this ridiculous breach of our rights is like having me teach a calculus class – I don’t know the first thing about calculus (what does “sin” mean, anyway?), but I can sure as hell shoot a gun (watch me prove it!).

I find it ironic that the states with the toughest gun laws are the ones with the highest rates of gun violence (see Chicago, DC and NYC). To me, it’s a very simple concept: If I’m allowed to carry a gun (which I do, frequently) and/or have a gun(s) in my house to protect me and my wife then ne’er-do-wellers will think twice about messing with me or breaking into my house.

However, if the criminals (WHO GET THEIR GUNS ILLEGALLY, B-T-W!!!) know we live in a city where carrying a concealed gun (Chicago) or even owning a gun (DC) is against the law, the chances are I’m a law-abiding citizen and am defenseless against a crook with a gun…now I’m a target because some politician thinks he/she knows the best way for me to protect me and mine. Kindly, fuck you.

My relative, Lt. Benjamin Cragin of the New Hampshire Militia, put his life on the line back in 1777 so we all had the freedom of choice when it came to our personal defense (as well as every other freedom we now enjoy as Americans). Since then, many in my bloodline have fought to preserve those rights.

Though I don’t always 100 percent agree with the NRA (I don’t believe 100 percent of what’s in the Bible, either, but I still believe in God) I do believe in the vast majority of what they stand and fight for, which is why I am and always will be a lifetime member of the NRA. Hunting and shooting for sport are just as important to me as the ability to carry a concealed weapon…all three aspects of owning guns are under attack by a select few who are supposed to represent the people.

These people want you to believe that the majority of the American populous do not want others to own guns…this study shows just the opposite. It says Americans own an estimated 270 million guns, which works out to 89 guns or so per 100 people…that’s the highest ratio in the entire world!

The people have spoken – they like their guns and the government can’t have them!

I’m with ya, people…so Smitty Sayeth.



  1. Smitty, I usually count you in with the crowd that I often disagree with, but makes reasonable argument. This entry hurts your status as “credible opposition.” Like many of the people who think the world is out to get their guns, you add into your piece a bunch of hyperbole and hysteria. This either means your argumentative writing skills are weaker than I thought or you don’t have a strong argument; I know it to be the latter. You even sort of own the exaggeration of your comparison to civil rights and Socrates. It appears you also decided to equate gun rights to God when making your NRA/Bible reference. In your piece you reference “a guy’s blog,” who knows nothing about international law, as a legitimate source for the UN resolution. I love you man… but your better than that.
    No person taken seriously on the national stage is out to ban guns. The 2nd amendment is not an absolute right, as you pointed out. Courts have ruled in the past that the mentally insane, criminals, etc., can have their 2nd amendment rights revoked. No one is advocating for anyone to be able to own an atomic weapon. No right is absolute, hence we don’t have the freedom of speech to yell bomb on a plane, fire in a theatre, etc. The high profile people you mention (Obama, Feinstein, Biden, Bloomberg, etc.) simply have a different opinion as to what restrictions should exist with respect to the 2nd amendment. The level at which the 2nd amendment should be restricted is a legitimate conversation and debate to have, but anytime someone calls for a tightening of the near unrestricted right to own a firearm, that doesn’t mean they are coming for your guns. Plus, something I never understand, if guns are to protect from an overzealous federal government in order to protect state rights, why is it that anyone who lives outside of Illinois cares what the gun law is in Chicago. Let society have a good debate about what role guns play in our society, but let’s not dismiss anyone who points out that lawn darts are illegal but assault rifles are not as someone who is trying to repeal the 2nd amendment.


    1. Lutz – Obviously (and unsurprisingly to both of us, I’m sure), you and I weren’t going to agree on this topic. Though, I do appreciate your input. I agree with you that an open debate about the 2nd Amendment is healthy…as it is to have for all controversial topics (abortion and what not). You call my piece “hysteria,” but I truly believe those anti-gun politicians I mentioned have every desire to take away our guns. If they had it their way, we’d only be allowed to have air-soft BB guns and sling shots. Those politicians want to ban “assault rifles” when the only thing that makes them “assault” are completely cosmetic. The thing that bothers me the most about the laws these politicians (as well as their anti-gun state-level counterparts) is their laws only make it harder for law abiding citizens such as myself to protect me and mine. It has zero affect on the criminals because they’re going to get the guns anyway. You have people who don’t know the first damn thing about guns trying to impose bans on guns (Feinstein/Biden) when, as the NRA keeps saying, the real solution is to more strictly enforce current laws. But what does Biden et al say to that? “We don’t have the man power to enforce those law.” Sooooo what good does wasting time trying to pass MORE bans and laws do when they can’t even enforce the current laws that would already fix current problems? They do no good and are a waste of time. It’s politic-ing at its worst and I hate to see it.


  2. You make some valid points concerning our rights! A thought struck me while reading this- Just because we have the right to something doesn’t mean it’s right…at least in God’s eyes.
    I also like to comment on
    “(I don’t believe 100 percent of what’s in the Bible, either, but I still believe in God)”
    The reason I believe 100% of the Bible is because Jesus did. He had plenty of time to discredit it, but never did. As a matter of fact he quoted Scripture. I know he was no longer a man when the NT was written, but most people have credibility issues with the OT.
    I like your passion, thanks for stopping by my blog.


  3. My issue with ‘gun laws’ are that they tend to make it harder for the law abiding citizen. Restrictions won’t stop the law breakers. Weapons registries, ammunition marking, clip restrictions, locations you can and cannot carry, etc. don’t do anything to supress the criminal element.

    I’m a 5’2, small, blonde female. I drive between all walks of life just during my commute (hood to high class). I’ve had a pack of young men walk up to me calling out all manner of disrespectful, disgusting taunts. I calmly and quite clearly told them to step away – repeatedly. The only thing that kept them coming closer was pushing my coat back and putting my hand on my concealed carry. I had no time to get to my cell, and no one else around me seemed inclined to step forward to be protective. Suddenly it became, “Aw, girl – calm down, calm down. We was just playin’.” Because a pack of people is intelligent (pfffft!)

    The last thing I want to do in my life is kill someone, but if I’m given a choice between me or the other person who put me in that place, I’m going to choose me.

    I own rifles for the pure love of the history of my rifles (of which they have a lot), and for target practice. It’s a soothing action for me after a stressful day or week. Unless you’ve gone to a range after a shitty week and release some of that pent up aggression, you won’t understand what I mean.

    I’m all for people doing whatever makes them happy. If you don’t want guns – don’t have them. If you want them – be a law abiding person and don’t be an ass. My issue has always been with the tougher restrictions placed on me because some criminal or psychopath got their hands on a weapon. The weapon is not the problem – the person who used it was. You don’t see China outlawing machete’s/knives even though (it seems) once or twice a year some crazy mofo runs up into a Kindergarten class and butchers a slew of kids. People are bat shit crazy. People kill people. it’s’ been that way since the beginning of time. Is it right? No. But it happens and it will always happen. We will never live in a utopian society.


    1. T – Your first sentence says it all – gun laws very much tend to make it harder for law abiding citizens to posses guns. Violent criminals will always find ways to get guns and will never hesitate to use them to get what they want. Preventing law abiding citizens from having guns only makes people more vulnerable to the coward criminals who feel the need to use those guns for intimidation and murder.


  4. I have to agree, this nation is retarded and the states that seem ahem progressive are insane with taking guns away…
    BTW, Smitty, I am sure they are going to vote to kill me along with your pal so-crates…I am a godless woman, who happens to live in NYC…


    1. kristinagadfly – It’s amazing how the irrefutable stats just continue to be ignored; tighter gun control laws leads to higher rates of violent crime…period! Thanks for chiming in on this issue, and good luck to ya over there in NYC!


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