I hate bloggers

Bloggers are the worst.
Now, I totally recognize the hypocrisy in that. But I’m not talking about talented, professional writers who have their own blogs or keep up a blog for work (like most newspaper writers have to these days). I’m talking about the uneducated nimrods who somehow figured out how to turn on the computer machine, get on the internets and then flood it with lyrical diarrhea.
Why would I, a First (and Second) Amendment lover, garner so much disdain for those simply exercising their own First Amendment rights? The short answer is they suck at writing…and probably life, but that’s just speculation.
The long answer is they have so flooded the world with shitty words of shit that it’s hard for normal people to find solid, legit information put forth in an intelligent, meaningful manner. Furthermore, I believe those people are responsible (to a point) for the dumbing down of America. Too many people are willing to believe everything they read on the internet is true when the complete opposite (almost) is actually the case.
Granted, people are lemmings and sheep, and in the end are responsible for their own demise (I’ll delve into this topic in a later post), but those who lead people astray do shoulder some, if not a lot, of the blame.
I’d imagine professional photographers understand the point I’m trying to make here.
The world is so flooded (perhaps more so) with cell phone and point-and-click pictures edited in seconds using Instagram that true photography is becoming a lost art. I’m not necessarily talking about using a dark room to develop film, but having the knowledge to look for the right lighting, framing a picture so your Aunt Judy’s feet aren’t cut off in a picture of her standing in front of three-quarters of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington and Jefferson’s heads (Mt. Rushmore, anyone?)…these are basic things lost on many people because of the inordinate amount of shitty pictures out there.
The same is true for writing.
Here’s to those of you who can sift through the shit and find the few kernels of gold out there.
My hypocrisy continues…Smitty Sayeth.